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We are the UK’s leading independent gelatine supplier.

Our product portfolio includes a full range of gelatines, natural hydrocolloids and "clean label" stabiliser systems developed for a variety of applications or tailored to your specific needs.



red squared jelly

Give your product stability, the right shape, the right bite and the right texture.

If you are looking for a gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film former, foaming and whipping agent or carrier we can help.

For desserts which melt in the mouth, meat products and coatings, sauces, yogurts, bakery glazes and many more.

Enhance your products shelf life and increase its freeze-thaw stability.


tub of sweets

From gummy bears and marshmallows to hard boiled and chewable candies.

In chewy candies, gelatine acts as an excellent emulsifier, but also as a gelling, foaming and stabilizing agent, giving products a pleasant mouthfeel, a feeling of indulgence and long-lasting flavour release.

Gelatine is water-soluble, totally digestible and compatible with most other hydrocolloids, including vegetable colloids such as agar-agar, alginates, carrageenan and pectin, as well as sugars and flavours – all popular within confectionery.


pharmaceutical capsules

Gelatine is used in various pharmaceutical products from everyday concepts to more sensitive and specialized applications.

Gelatine offers several important functionalities making it highly effective when used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical dosage forms.

Capsules are todays preferred dosage form with approximately 600 billion capsules taken globally.

Gelatine capsules protect the contents of capsules from the effects of light, atmospheric oxygen, contamination and microbiological growth.

Food Supplements

smoothie in a glass

Creating formulations that contain less sugar, fat and calories, while offering consumers great flavours and the same or better texture and shelf-life is challenging. Hydrolysed collagen, is the perfect ingredient for overcoming this challenge and designing healthier and/or enriched products.

Pure, easily digestible and absorbable, our Hydrolysed collagen is particularly well suited for use in formulating optimized protein blends, bringing a unique amino acids composition. It is easy to use and a popular protein for bars, powders, supplements and other sports nutrition products.

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