Gelatine alternatives in Pet Food (hydrocolloids)

We at Healan understand the importance of good quality ingredients when it comes to our furry friends, that’s why we can educate you on the best ingredients for your manufacturing process and what will work to meet consumer demands.

While gelatine in pet food has its benefits – such as soothing the digestive system and supporting bone and joint wellbeing – many pet owners are looking for a more natural ingredient list and therefore the rise of using hydrocolloids (gums) is on the up. For wet pet food, the use of hydrocolloid blends will help create the right texture of meat emulsion.

Hydrocolloids are hydrophilic polymers (polysaccharides and proteins) of high molecular weight extracted from plants and algae or produced by microbial synthesis. Hydrocolloid blends require a lower dosage and are easier to use during the production process, providing time and cost savings.

Hydrocolloids, supplied by Healan, can be blended and added to wet pet food to improve its functional properties, such as thickening, gelling, emulsifying, stabilisation, viscosity, and coating. Hydrocolloid blends require a lower dosage and are easier to use during the production process, allowing time and cost savings.

The most used hydrocolloids in pet foods and treats/chews are:

  • Guar Gum
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Carrageenan
  • Agar
  • Pectin

Pea Protein is also gaining traction as a high protein ingredient. It’s a protein concentrate extracted from peas that provides iron and many of the essential amino acids, that are both important for healthy muscles and a healthy immune system.

Carrageenan is great for water retention in products, keeping the food moist; ideal for dogs that are not keen on dry food.

Healan supplies fish, chicken, bovine, porcine gelatine and collagen to be used in your pet food products.

We are also able to blend and grind to create bespoke ingredients that match your NPD requirements. So If there’s a particular bloom or blend of ingredients you require then we are able to offer this outside of our standard product range. 

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