Alternative Ingredients for Pet Food

We are taking a closer look at the recent concerns surrounding Carrageenan as an ingredient in pet food. Research has highlighted digestive issues with Carrageenan and how cats and dogs find it much harder to digest compared to humans. Carrageenan is a common food additive derived from red seaweed. It’s often used as a thickening agent and stabiliser in pet food. Some pet owners worry that carrageenan may cause gastrointestinal problems in pets, including vomiting and diarrhoea.

Manufacturers are now looking for alternatives as it’s been highlighted that Carrageenan might potentially cause digestive issues in pets.

Our pets are members of our families, and now more than ever, pet food brands are having to ‘humanise’ pet foods to make sure they are the best for our furry friends.

Brands will have to address this issue to meet consumer demand and make this visibility clear on packaging.

Using Gelatine in pet food instead of Carrageenan.

Gelatine is a protein derived from animal collagen and is used in pet foods as a gelling agent. It’s considered safe and easily digestible for pets.

Switching from Carrageenan to gelatine would require adjustments but the following benefits still apply:

  • Similar texture and consistency without the safety concerns of Carrageenan
  • Easily digestible for pets
  • Clean label
  • Natural sourced, minimally processed
  • Transparency can be promoted
  • Versatility

Gelatine can stabilise and emulsify products just as well as Carrageenan and is suitable for wet food, treats, and some dry foods. We can supply species on species possibilities, including bovine, porcine, fish, and chicken. 

That all means that consumers don’t have to worry about their favourite brands changing or being different (our pets will tell us if it’s changed, we are sure….), but their minds can be settled that Carrageenan has been removed and is better for the safety of their pets.

The demand for carrageenan-free pet food is expected to continue growing as more consumers prioritise the wellbeing and digestive health of their pets.

What’s next? Speak to us and our NPD team to work through this reformulation process and start using our gelatine ingredients.

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