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In a world that has started to focus on immunity, gut health, wellbeing and ‘a healthier me’, supplements have seen a huge rise over the past few years. Brands and manufacturers are adapting to meet the complex demands of their customers, such as clean label-friendly, plant-based, and other free-from formulation needs, while ensuring texture, shelf life, and flavour remain.

Hydrocolloids are known to provide a range of functionality benefits, which means they have the ability to stablise, thicken and emulsify food and non-food products.

Gummy or jelly supplements are a popular and convenient way for consumers to add essential nutrients and vitamins into their everyday lives.

Pectin food supplements
Carrageenan Supplements

Ideal Alternatives

For manufacturers wanting to move away from Gelatines, Pectin and Carrageenan are two common ingredients used in food supplements. Pectin is a fruit component that provides a clean and short bite, flavour release, and flexibility to process. Carrageenan is of seaweed origin that provides a range of textures, pH independency, soluble solids, and versatility.

We are able to offer a range of Pectins suitable for:

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Adjusted setting temperature
  • Modifying texture
  • Improving process ability

Carrageenans are also a popular choice for several reasons including; a functional vegetable fibre, clean label gelling agent, no interaction with minerals and advantageous interaction with proteins. They are known as the go-to vegan-friendly hydrocolloid and are heat stable.

Added Benefits

While there is a clear space for gummy supplement brands, it’s also interesting to see confectionery brands starting to branch out into ‘added benefits’ in our everyday sweet favourites. Emerging themes are vegan, added protein and vitamins, and even CBD infused.

We have worked with many brands in the past to advise on hydrocolloids in supplement application.

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