The Health & Wellbeing Sector

There’s so much scope and buzz around Health & Wellbeing food and beverage products on the market. Think collagen powders, vitamin gummies, vegan supplements, protein powders, and soft gels. 

As we explore the trends and formulations that work well, we will be focussing on the following ingredients and their key benefits to health and wellbeing products. 

  • Collagen powders – marine, bovine
  • Bovine gelatine 
  • Pectin
  • Carrageenan
  • Citrus fibre 
  • Pea protein 

*Full range of applications and the ingredients we supply in the table below, click below to view.*

Our expertise in this area. High-quality ingredients play a huge part in what we offer, but this sector calls for competitive pricing, and availability of supply. Running alongside that, we offer specific specs, halal-certified bovine gelatine, and the ability to advise on specifically formulated blends. 

Chewable Gummies. The preferred option for adults and children when taking supplements. But consumers are increasingly demanding cleaner label solutions and ingredients that they recognise. Since the COVID pandemic, many have chosen to include a supplement into their everyday lives. The options are growing rapidly, gummies for hair growth, skin care, vitamin boosts, nail growth and overall wellbeing including better sleep and relaxation. Gelatines have historically been used in the past for it’s flexibility, but pectin and carrageenan are now key players. 

  • Pectin – used for pH gummies as gelling agent 
  • Different pectins can be advised for different vitamin types as they have different stabilities 
  • Carrageenan works well for creatine gummies
  • Citrus fibre – a clean label alternative to pectin and carrageenan 
collagen ingredient supplier

The rISE of Collagen Powder. The collagen trend has seen huge growth in recent years, and it’s here to stay.

Powder format is the best way for the body to digest collagen opposed to tablets, and capsules. Marine Collagen is considered the best choice, due to its ‘cleaner’ perception and it being less likely to cause allergies. 

Benefits of choosing us as your collagen powder supplier: 

  • Pricing & availability
  • Strong industry relationships 
  • We can offer agglomerated and powder form
  • We have three grades available, one for drinks, energy/protein bars, and creams
Why choose Healan

Collagen Powder

Marine Collagen
Bovine Collagen
Xanthan Gum

  • Pricing & availability
  • Agglomerated and powder form

Collagen Beauty Drinks

Marine Collagen
Xanthan Gum

  • Pricing & availability


Bovine Gelatine
Gellan Gum

  • Different gelling agents based on preferred textures
    and recipes/vitamins used
  • Technical expertise to advise and help with formulations
  • Vegan and clean label options
  • Halal bovine gelatine and collagen

Gelatine Soft Gels

Bovine Gelatine – softgel blend

  • Specific specs
  • Formulated blend for softgels

VG Soft Gels

VG softgel blend

  • Advice offered on tweaking gelatine machines
  • Specially formulated blend

VG Gummies

Pectin/ Carrageenan

  • Expertise on different ingredients needed to gel

Protein Snacks

Soya Lecithin
Xanthan Gum

  • Ability to help with recipes to achieve the desired texture
  • Vegan and clean label options available with technical expertise

Protein Waters

Bovine Collagen

  • High-quality collagen product specifically designed for beverage applications.

Summarising our Health & Wellness offering. Gelatine and collagens have been our area of expertise for many years. But we also have strong technical partnerships that allow us to offer advice and guidance on using a range of hydrocolloids. You might be looking for collagen powder for your supplement range, pectin for Vegan collagen powders or carrageenan for gummie formats – all of which we cover in our ingredient portfolio. 

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