Locust Bean Gum

Key Benefits of using Locust Bean Gum include being plant-based, all natural and process flexibility. 

Key functions and benefits:

  • Thickening and syneresis control
  • Prevents ice crystals forming in ice cream 
  • Prevents whey-off in dairy products 
  • Characteristic texture attributes for cheese ripening 
  • Allows moisture retention 
  • Improves shelf life (bakery applications)


soup, carrot, ginger-2006317.jpg

Locust Bean Gum is suitable for a range of applications including marinades, dressings, soups, fruit fillings for bakery and ice creams. 

Our Product Range:

  • Clear LBG – use in combination with Carrageenan to give clear gel and control syneresis 
  • HISTAB 0481 – Aqueous dairy or fruit media with various total solids, cold water soluble 

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