A Guar Gum Alternative to Locust Bean Gum

A deeper look at our New HISTAB 0802 Guar Gum and its achievable characteristics in the replacement of Locust Bean Gum

When it comes to Locust Bean Gum and Guar Gum, we know a thing or two about the applications and key benefits. With current challenges in the supply, costs and regulations surrounding Locust Bean Gum, we would recommend our HISTAB 0802 Premium Guar Gum Powder as an alternative. We understand the key strengths and applications of Locust Bean Gum, and our new HISTAB 0802 has equally great properties including stabilisation and suspending ability. With a lower cost and similar usage quantities to LBG, HISTAB 0802 is, in our opinion, the best alternative on the market.

HISTAB 0802 is reactive with Carrageenan to form flexible gels, and has good suspension properties when used in combination with Xanthan Gum. It is suitable for various applications including meat products (ham injections), sauces (mayonnaise), fruit products (fruit prep for yoghurts), dairy products (cream cheese) and drinks (yoghurt drinks), and desserts (spoonable desserts). It is a high performing ingredient suitable for food, beverages, and pet food.

Przemyslaw, NPD at Healan Ingredients explains in more detail.

“When HISTAB 0802 is used in application, viscosity builds late during the heating process so therefore is suited to various production processes including depositing. HISTAB 0802 does require a heat step to achieve the functionality in the finished product, however, it gives better retention of fruit pieces in fruit preparations when compared to LBG and creates a creamy mouthfeel so is perfect for dairy products. It is also perfect for cakes and pastries; crumb texture can be specified and easily achieved with a viscosity increase of batters and doughs during the baking process. HISTAB 0802 has a neutral flavour, therefore not altering your finished product organoleptic properties in the swap from LBG.”

Gelling Ability and Characteristics

Similarly to LBG, HISTAB 0802 is effective in strengthening the gel network of agar and carrageenan, adding elasticity and improving mouthfeel. The addition of HISTAB 0802 reduces syneresis, and in products including mayonnaise and salad dressings, the gels form after the heating stage to give required mouthfeel and stability through shelf life. These properties can be achieved at low doses of only 0.35%, keeping costs minimal.

Suspension Properties

To achieve the same suspension properties as LBG in application, HISTAB 0802 can be used at around 0.2% to give a stable and consistent suspension throughout shelf life. The addition of HISTAB 0802 to your products adds viscosity and mouthfeel along with stabilisation and emulsification.

Need more detail and assistance on using this functional ingredient? Contact our NPD  team to discuss your requirements and start the collaborative approach to catering for your consumers’ needs.

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