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All about Gelatine

Think you know everything there is to know about gelatine? Or don’t know a lot about the multi-functional ingredient?

Our 40 years’ experience and background knowledge is centred around the gelatine industry. Let’s just say, there isn’t a lot about gelatine that we don’t know!

Gelatine is a multi-talented ingredient and often misunderstood. It brings many qualities and characteristics to the table that are often hard to replace with alternative options.

  • Melt in the mouth texture provided in food products
  • Thermo-reversible
  • Film formation
  • Shine
  • Emulsifies
  • Stabilises
  • Gelling agent
  • Binding agent

Gelatine is a key protein; it is non-allergenic, cholesterol free, purine-free and fat-free. It also has no e-number and is a key ingredient for achieving clean label. Having gelatine as an ingredient aids protein claims on back of pack, is suitable for fat reduced products and is also effective for sugar reduction.  

Update from our CEO Maurizio Lapi

“I’ve been working in the gelatine industry for over 40 years, and whilst we see a shift in focus to gelatine alternatives, there will always be a need for gelatine and it’s achievable characteristics in food products. Take the classic cereal bar for example, the addition of gelatine can aid foam formation, adhesion, and textural improvements. Pair that with the health benefits such as aiding muscle-build up, carbohydrate reduction and weight reduction; it’s an incredibly versatile ingredient.”

What we offer

We supply bovine, chicken, porcine, fish and collagen (hydrolysed) forms of gelatine. But it’s never just a simple transaction of goods when you work with us, there’s a lot more we can do when it comes to our gelatine ingredients:

  • Various bloom strengths to meet your specific product requirements
  • Various mesh profiles to suit process requirements
  • Bulk pack options
  • Low MOQ
  • Onsite grinding and mixing giving us the ability to create bespoke gelatine options for your precise product and process requirements
  • Options to blend gelatine with hydrocolloids such as guar gum to aid water binding and increase adhesiveness to products such as meats

Once a Luxury Item

According to Reinhard Schrieber Herbert Gareis’s handbook of gelatine, it was once an ingredient fit for Kings! For centuries, gelatine was a luxury item; it was used to prepare an extravagant jelly for dishes presented at court and in aristocratic villas. It was only in the late 17th century that scientists started propagating its nutritional and physiological qualities. In 1682 the French mathematician Denis, Papin invented a pressure cooking pot called a ‘‘digester’’ that made it possible to cook bones until soft. Papin recommended using the stock produced for preparing soups; he even suggested to King Charles II of England in 1681 that ‘‘the jelly produced from bone be used as a general foodstuff for the people.’’

The opportunities are endless

Although it’s most known as a food ingredient; think jelly, marshmallows, pork pies and meat products; it’s also used in concrete, bird seed products, collagen face creams and much more!

Please find below a breakdown of our gelatine variants and their key applications.

Bovine Gelatine

  • Clarifying agent in fruit juices
  • Various gel strengths, vast range of blooms available
  • Clear varieties
  • Beef product suitable

Chicken Gelatine

  • Chicken product suitable
  • Clear
  • Provides clarity
  • High bloom

Porcine Gelatine

  • Use in jellied meats
  • Use in marshmallows
  • Pork product suitable
  • Vast bloom range
  • Gives clarity
  • Aerating ability
  • Foam stabilisation

Fish Gelatine

  • Fish product suitable
  • Low or medium bloom
  • Slow set option to meet manufacture/process requirements



Collagen – Hydrolysed

  • Bones, hair, nail benefits
  • Perfect for hair care products and collagen drink products in a ‘just add water’ format
  • Different grades of collagen, different dispersibilities and functions within products
  • Clear when dissolved

Need more detail and assistance on using this versatile ingredient? Contact our NPD team to discuss your requirements and start the collaborative approach to catering for your consumers’ needs.

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