Switch up your food ingredients

Thinking Outside the Box

It makes a lot of sense to explore different ways to manufacture your branded food products, especially with gelatine alternatives – a Healan Ingredients’ speciality. We are encouraging our customers to take a look at functionality and how a different choice of ingredients might be suited better to your applications.

Take the step to understand the texture, stability and mouth feel of hydrocolloids and we’d welcome the opportunity to explore this with your NPD team.

Carrageenan for Vegan Gummies

If you’re struggling to achieve the desired texture in your vegan gummies and have been using Pectin, you might want to consider Carrageenan instead. 

Already using Pectin, but considering Carrgeenan? Learn the benefits of Pectin and Carrageenan.

Guar Gum as an Alternative to Locust Bean Gum

With challenges in the supply, costs and regulations surrounding Locust Bean Gum, we would recommend our HISTAB 0802 Premium Guar Gum Powder as an alternative. HISTAB 0802 has equally great properties including stabilisation and suspending ability.

With a lower cost and similar usage quantities to LBG, HISTAB 0802 is, in our opinion, the best alternative on the market. It is also effective in strengthening the gel network of agar and carrageenan, adding elasticity and improving mouthfeel.

The addition of HISTAB 0802 reduces syneresis, and in products including mayonnaise and salad dressings, the gels form after the heating stage to give required mouthfeel and stability through shelf life. These properties can be achieved at low doses of only 0.35%, keeping costs minimal.

A few more switch ideas...

Pana Cotta

Carrageenan is the usual go to – but Alginates create a creamier texture 

Creme Dessert

Carrageenan can create a creamy texture, but for a fruity dessert or a cleaner label – Pectin is definitely worth a try

Cream Cheese

Carrageenan creates a spreadable cream cheese but for a softer/stickier texture – Alginates work great

Ice Cream

Carrageenan is great for soft serve but Citrus Fibre is good for hard pack ice cream and clean label

Ice lollies and sorbet

Pectin works well but Citrus Fibre could be better for your preferred texture

Milk Drinks

Carrageenan is the usual choice but for fruit drinks – Pectin is best

Need to evaluate functionality within your products and understand potential cost saving opportunities? Contact our NPD team to discuss your requirements and start the collaborative approach to catering for your consumers’ needs.

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