Key Benefits of using Agar include Vegan friendly, clean label and solubility. 

Key functions and benefits:

  • Thickening, stabilising, forming gels and films
  • Useful when firm gels are desired 
  • Reduces sugar crystallisation in icings 
  • Suspends particulates 
  • Blends well with other hydrocolloids, proteins and carbohydrates 
donuts, pastries, kringel-4633039.jpg

Carrageenan is suitable for a range of applications including fruit preparations, bakery glazes, milk based desserts and confectionery; jellies, marshmallows. 

Our Product Range:

  • HIA2 – alternative to gelatine 
  • HIA3 – alternative to Carrageenan
  • HIA4 – stabilises bakery fillings 

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