Xanthan Gum

Key Benefits of using Xanthan Gum include process tolerant, versatile and consumer friendly. 

Key functions and benefits:

  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarian products 
  • Dissolves readily in hot and cold water
  • Prevents oil seperation by stabilising the emulsion 
  • Freeze/ thaw stable
  • Provides stability in dressings, sauces and beverages 
  • Stable in high-salt systems 
  • Compatible with other gums 
sauce, tomato, canning-5514235.jpg

Xanthan Gum is suitable for a range of applications including emulsified sauces, dressings, ice creams, dairy products, powder products and fruit preparations. 

Our Product Range:

    • XG1: 80 mesh
    • XG14: 40 mesh, low dust
    • XG3: 200 mesh
    • RD14: Agglomerated 
    • XG Clear: Clear and clean 

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