Hydrolysed Collagen

Improving the supply of protein

Hydrolysed collagen – a unique bioactive protein – is used in many applications, from convenience foods such as soups and beverages – such as juices, dairy and water – to protein bars, anti-aging skin solutions and dietary supplements.

As leading Hydrolysed collagen suppliers, Healan are also one of the UK’s main collagen powder suppliers. Collagen is both a protein and one of the most important components of our body. Abundant in connective tissue, ligaments and skin – it comprises up to 30 per cent of the human body’s total protein.

As such, food and nutritional supplements containing collagen are an ideal way to deliver and improve the supply of protein to the entire body.

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More protein, less-fat alternative

More protein, less fat: these are the benefits that collagen brings to the production of meat products. Plus, thanks to its water-binding properties, collagen can contribute to more cost-effective production processes while improving the texture of the final products.

Healan are suppliers of bovine and marine hydrolysed collagen, which is easy to dissolve in drinks and smoothies, making it the perfect solution to gain the benefits of great skin elasticity.

Please contact us today to discuss the benefits of using collagen powder or hydrolysed collagen in your products.

Function & Benefits

  • Binding, emulsifying and stabilising
  • High water-holding capacity
  • Compatible with all process steps: fermentation, acidification, thermal UHT treatment, pasteurisation
  • Solubility in cold water
  • Stable in a wide range of pH (3 to 7)
  • Low viscosity
  • Heat stable
  • Assists in sugar reduction
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