Thinking outside the box

Our knowledge and expertise is focussed on gelatine and the alternatives to gelatine, but we wanted to go a step further and explore the weird and wonderful applications our ingredients are suitable for and open your mind to different opportunities.

With demand for particular ingredients high and the ever-changing consumer demands, we wanted to explore alternative solutions to make our customers fully aware of our capabilities.

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DISPOSABLE PACKAGING – a look at Pea Protein!

Taking care of our planet, reducing waste, making steps to be more sustainable are high on everyone’s agenda. In 2021, the meal kit giant Gusto took a leap into testing the world’s first edible packaging. Using pea protein means the film dissolves once in hot water – reducing the need for single serve plastic.

Some further advantages

  •  Beneficial for pre-measured ingredients
  • Doesn’t alter flavour of the product inside
  • Shelf life un-altered
  • Vegan and gluten free 


We’ve recently spotted the ‘Coffee Cube’ trend across social media – why drink a latte when you can eat one?? Foodies are blending just 4 ingredients (including Gelatine) to make cubes that can be eaten on the go and challenges the regular way of enjoying a cup of coffee!!  We can help you make decisions and developments in your NPD to meet your consumers demands and inspirations.


In what seemed like a whirlwind period of finding a plant based alternative to gelatine, the decision to use a certain ingredient might have been rushed. We are encouraging our customers to take a look at functionality and how a different choice might be better suited to your applications. There’s more knowledge readily available that explores texture, stability, and mouth feel of hydrocolloids and we’d welcome the opportunity to explore this with your NPD team.

Using Pectin but considering Carrageenan for example? Read the benefits of each in the following links:

Pectin Solutions



With challenges in the supply, costs and regulations surrounding Locust Bean Gum, we would recommend our HISTAB 0802 Premium Guar Gum Powder as an alternative. We understand the key strengths and applications of Locust Bean Gum, and our new HISTAB 0802 has equally great properties including stabilisation and suspending ability. With a lower cost and similar usage quantities to LBG, HISTAB 0802 is, in our opinion, the best alternative on the market.  Similarly to LBG, HISTAB 0802 is effective in strengthening the gel network of agar and carrageenan, adding elasticity and improving mouthfeel. The addition of HISTAB 0802 reduces syneresis, and in products including mayonnaise and salad dressings, the gels form after the heating stage to give required mouthfeel and stability through shelf life. These properties can be achieved at low doses of only 0.35%, keeping costs minimal.

Sometimes it makes sense to make changes, for cost benefits or to meet your consumers’ demands. To explore the above topics in further detail, please use the contact form below or email and one of our team will respond to your enquiry.
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