Gelatine's gelling, foaming, emulsifying and binding functionalities make it irreplaceable in many applications.


For a gelatine free alternative, hydrocolloids are widely used in many food formulations to improve quality attributes, stability and shelf-life.

Collagen Peptides

Key benefits of Hydrolysed Collagen include nutritional properties and the ability to bind, emulsify and stabilise food products.

Bespoke Blends

Our on-site NPD team are on hand to help create and tailor blends to meet your specific brief and recipes in our well-equipped kitchen.

Food Manufacturing - Our Ingredients

Gelatine | Agar-Agar | Carrageenan | Pectin | Xanthan Gum | Guar Gum | Locust Bean Gum | Tara Gum | Gum Tragacanth | Gellan Gum | Alginates

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